Spyderco Ladybug Key Ring Knife Review

We’ve all seen the buckets of key ring knives for sale at the cigar or liquor store that cost under $5.00 a piece. The problem with these “bargains” is that they have almost no lock strength, cheap handles and poorly made blades. Spyderco takes the idea of a practical key ring knife and puts their own high quality spin on it.

Here are my thoughts on the Spyderco Ladybug.

What I like about the knife:

1. VG-10 is a high quality stainless steel, which is custom keychains most commonly seen in knives that range from $75 and up. It not only holds a great edge but has the same rust and corrosion resistance that you would expect from stainless steel.

2. It seems that knife companies are constantly making their products larger and larger. In doing so, their smaller and more practical designs are being dropped from the lineups. The Spyderco Ladybug has a blade length of 1.94 inches, making it legal to carry with you and large enough to be a helpful tool.

3. Spyderco’s time proven lock back mechanism does a great job of protecting your fingers. The last thing that you want to worry about with a sharp VG-10 blade is lock failure.

4. For the handle, you get the option of black zytel, orange or black FRN material or stainless steel. I went with the black zytel version because I’ve had positive experiences with it before. Each material should be fine, it just comes down to a matter of personal preference.

5. You also get the option between plain and serrated edge styles. The serrations seem to come in handy for opening boxes, or cutting through fibrous material. The plain edge version can be easier to sharpen though.

What I didn’t like:


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